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Saturday, March 08, 2014

stage and play pricesses + give away!

Long time no see!
I thought it was about time I had another give-away, not just because I have a whole box of Stage and Play Princesses, but also to breath some life into this crusty, neglected old blog!

Stage and Play Princesses is based on my book, Twelve Dancing Princesses, the simplest way to describe it is to say that it's a kind of toy theater, but more toy than anything else.  It's made out of heavy, thick cardboard, and the box has a drawer on the front so that all the pieces can get tucked away when play is done.  

Pretty cool, huh??  I remember having toys sorta like this as a kid, like paper dolls and a cardboard castle, but nothing as nicely made or inviting as this.  My inner child is freaking out over this thing.  

There are a LOT of pieces, including four different back drops, a horse drawn carriage, 15 different princesses, a king and queen, a cat, a tree, a bunny, a chair a dog, a pig, a tea party...tons of stuff!!

OK OK, here's the give away part!


The rules: 

  • Leave your e-mail address in a comment to this post.
  • I'll use an random number generator to pick a winner!
  • US residents only please.  Yes I know, but these things are kinda heavy so int'l shipping is not an option...this time around, at least.  International folks, don't worry...I'll have a less hefty giveaway soon.
  • I'll pick a winner on March 29!!
  • Yayayayayayay!

PS: Please don't be alarmed or confused when your comment doesn't appear immediately after you post it.  I have comments moderation turned on, to keep my blog free of robot spam and haters! There's no need to repost, and your comment ought to appear within a few hours. :)

OR, if you're not a risk-taker, you can get a set the old fashioned way: buy it on the internet!

They are available at the Chronicle Books website 

Please notice my dog is in this set.  Yep, that's Lila!

(Cat for scale.) (Also, she just wouldn't go away.)

(Cat drawings below for fun.)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

princess abc flash cards + GIVEAWAY!

I've been working with Chronicle Books on some new Twelve Dancing Princesses themed goodies.   Wanna see??

Here they are: Princess ABC Flash Cards!  Illustrated by yours truly.

You can get them from the Chronicle Books website

OR can enter the GIVEAWAY to win one!!

The rules: 

  • Leave your e-mail address in a comment to this post.
  • I'll use an random number generator to pick a winner!
  • US residents only please.  Yes I know, but these things are kinda heavy so int'l shipping is not an option...this time around, at least.  
  • I'll pick a winner on October 21!
  • Yayayayayayay!

The giveaway is closed!  Thank you to everyone who entered!

Let's take a look at these things!

A little info: the characters are based on my book Twelve Dancing Princesses, and artwork from my Princess Matching Game.

They come in this neat little box, so when you're not learning your ABC's you can stow them away!

They are made of heavy, cat-proof cardboard so they won't bend or rip unless you try REALLy hard!
They also have round edges so little hands won't poke them into little eyes.

Here's a few of my favorite cards!  There are 26, naturally, but it would make this post very verrrryyyyy long to post all 26 of them.

If you have the previously mentioned Princess Matching Game, you're probably having deja-vu right now.  That's because a good portion of artwork for these cards was up-cycled from the matching game. 

 Why did I use a dorky word like up-cycle?  Because a funny thing happens when you take artwork from a 2" card and blow it up to 6":  it needs to be adjusted, and spruced up, and man, does it ever look different when it's bigger!  And three years have gone by!

I had to do a lot of adjusting and composing and photoshop magic to make the old artwork useable.  Fortunately for me, I tend to keep EVERYTHING on separate layers in photoshop and label each layer meticulously, so opening up the old files was not too bad.  But it WAS still a lot of work.

Here's the king and queen from the matching game.  The biggest differences are little things: the king's medals got more refined, and so did the queen's pearls.  They looked so blobby when I resized them!  I also had to adjust her dress shape and re-do all the details in her hair.  It was like they both got make-overs!

...and then some of the cards are just entirely new artwork, like this horse draw carriage! H is for Horse drawn carriage!

R is for Princess Rose:  Princess Rose got a make-over, and like all the princesses on these cards she also got her name-sake flower put in her hand.  

J is for Jewels!  I loved working on this card.   

N is for Nighttime: I like this one a lot.  It's a friendly kinda nighttime.

Y is for Yawn:  This is straight out of the book!

M is for Marigold.  Marigold made the cover of the box.

S is for Shoes...I love this card.

And I is for Iris.  I like this one because Iris sort of looks like she's pretending her iris is a microphone.  

It was definitely a unique experience re-visiting my own artwork.  Usually you put something out there and that's it, it's done, no do-overs.  I never imagined I'd get the chance to go back and fix/tweak/refine these gals.  

Stay tuned for a winner to be announced next week!!

...and PS: did you notice that cute little black doggy on the front of the box??

That's my cute little black doggy!

Her name is Lila!

That's a little fun-fact trivia nugget for you.  

Monday, April 08, 2013

covers + news

Hellow out there in the bloggaverse!  Here's a funny thing about working in publishing: you finish working on something and then it usually takes about a billion years for that thing to actually BE published and released into the world.  I have a constant backlog of things that I can't share, even though I WANT to.  
So here's a couple of those things!  This is a book cover I did for a re-issue of Enid Blyton's Tales of Toyland.  Just so you know, if you happen to pick up this particular version, I am NOOOOOOTTT responsible for the interior illustrations which are...very bad.  Anyway, I finished this super long ago.  About last August.  I just got a proof in the mail last week!

This is the proof!  It changed a little bit but that's normal.  I think it looks preeeeeeetttty cool.  

I also did a cover for a middle grade novel (shown here with the bleed edge intact!) about a sassy middle child, Confessions of a So-called Middle Child by Maria Lennon.  It's not out til August but it's pre-order-able on Amazon. I had a lot of fun with this one, doing hand lettering with brush pen!  I also did all the little doodles in the bg in brush pen and then scanned them (and yes most are relevant to the story).  And I made a ton of watercolor textures for this one, too, which is also super fun.  

Covers are FUN.  It's just really low-stress to be only responsible for a single image.  Usually I've got a whole book's worth of stuff to think about, and continuity to consider, and all that!  But covers are just one picture you can concentrate on.  It's a nice change of pace. 

Other things that are fun: illustrating books for awesome children's book writers.  Below is a screen shot from Amy Krouse Rosenthal's website.  I'm illustrating a book by her about a little unicorn!  Yaaaaaaay!
Her website is:
This won't be out for a LONG time, but this is a sneaky peek!

Another thing that won't be out for a while (but which I received proofs for) is a 12 Dancing Princesses themed alphabet flashcard set.  I'll post all kinds when that's done, but for now enjoy this photo of my cat using the proofs as a playground.
She does not take my work seriously.  
Or anything, for that matter.  

Some other 12 Dancing Princesses goodies are heading down the pike too...stay tuned!
And yes, I AM busy.  But I did have time to clean up my desktop and take a photo of it.  It will be fun to look back on a few weeks when it's a total mess again.  

Oh yeah...and one more little fun thing: I got a new tattoo!  A little anchor.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

princesses for sale!

I'm pretty pleased to tell you that this week you can get the digital version of my book, Twelve Dancing Princesses, from the iTunes store for $1.99!  $1.99!!!  Do I need to explain to you that that is like two bucks?  

One penny shy of two dollars for this:

And this!  Not one princess, not two, but TWELVE. For a couple bucks.

All that aside, I'm very happy to be included in a group named "Beautiful Kids Books".  It's a pretty fantastic compliment.

Plus I get like...I forget how much 5 cents for every digital book that's sold. (Just kidding. It's probably less than that.) 

This particular promotion lasts until the end of this week.  If you should happen to buy it, I'd really love to hear how it translates to the iPad!  I don't have an iPad myself, so I've never seen my book in that format.  

An addition teaser for anyone who is already a princes fan: I'm working on s'more 12 Dancing Princesses themed goodies with Chronicle books.  Stay tuned for more about that later!

Monday, February 21, 2011

my first ever give-away!

UPDATE: A winner has been selected. Congratulations Christen Krumm! The give-away is over now, but you can still comment if ya like.
Thanks everyone who entered!

Well, I got a big box of Princess Matching Games in the mail last week. I got more than I can possibly play with alone. So I'm giving one away!!!

Here's all you need to do to enter the give-away:

  1. Leave a comment. Make it something amusing, for goodness sakes. And don't forget to put your e-mail in there so I can get in touch with you if you win!
  2. Wait a week. I'll be picking my winner via random number generator on February 28!

SO EASY! The matching game is not technically out yet, so you'll be getting it before ANYONE ELSE. That's really special. There's 72 pieces of matchy-match fun in that box. It also has a magnetic flap closure, which truly elevates it beyond simply a cardboard box full of cardboard bits. Really!

If it goes well, I might do a stationary give-away too. We'll seeeeeeee...

Here's some images from the matching game pieces! These are my favorites. The little black dog is my actual dog, Lila. She really sleeps on a pillow like that. She's such a princess.

The Queen

The King

Royal Dog

The Castle

Princess Lilac
Good luck!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

dress shoppe stationary

Hello to you out there in the blog-o-sphere! I know I've been neglecting my blog, and that's not fair. My little bloggy blog has
done a lot for me, and yet I ignore it. No more!! I'm going to start posting more regularly now, I promise. I've even got a few ideas for regular/weekly/feature type blog updates so that even if I have nothing of my own to show you I can at least post something. Keeping it fresh is important, dontcha know.

In the mean time, just to prove that I have not just been sitting around my apartment eating bon bons and painting my nails (although I do so in moderation when the mood strikes), I'd like to present one of the projects that has kept me away from bloggin' as I should: my Dress Shoppe stationary set! I know I mentioned it before, but I got the thumbs up to do a more in-depth post on it, so here goes...

I wanted all the gals to look different but like they are from the same universe, too. This first lady in the suit might be my favorite. She's like the ultimate chic housewife of the decade. I imagine that she wears this outfit to the supermarket to buy 50lbs of meat to store in her giant freezer in her turquoise and pink kitchen. "Off to buy some haaaaam!"

This gal might look familiar because she is a re-incarnation of my Librarian Paper Doll. She was the inspiration for this set. (I still really want to do a straight up paper doll book or magnetic paper doll, by the by.)

I love this color combo: red orange, pink, minty green.

And one last sunny yellow dress! Actually, this might be my favorite. She's more 60's looking than the rest, but I love her flats and pink gloves. I pretty much gave her an outfit that I'd like to wear.

I made the set for Chronicle Books and I have to say, they really do a bang-up job on the graphic design end. The style of the set is super girly and very 50's, and I had the pleasure of working with folks who totally understood what I was going for and had a lot to add to it. Look at the little photo shoot they did for the back of the the box:

So perfect!!

It comes with stickers so you can stick accessories on the gals, like little glasses and purses and flower brooches and hats. And pink envelopes! Did I mention that they stand up? They do. (PS, please excuse the general crappishness of these photos.)

Anyhoo-a, you can pre-order them on Amazon
OR on the Chronicle Books website, but you wont be able to play with 'em til March. :)