Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's cold outside. Like, WOW, really cold, like, let's go buy some sweaters cold, thermal underwear cold, big puffer jacket cold. Well, maybe not but in any case it's not meant to get so frosty in the goddamn desert! All right, anywho, here is the second character from my film, a Captain Scratchy Beard. Good natured old cap'n!

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to sneak any mermaids into my film although it is a sea-faring voyage, but here's a mermaid anyway. I love mermaids! She's got funny little boobies...they look like banana halves with spiral nipples!

There is one thing which I know will haunt me for the rest of my days, and that one thing is this DUCK! He made his world premiere in my second year student film, 'duck and robot' (if you're curious, it's worth a watch: More than once people have forgotten my name but remembered "the duck!" I'd love to expand on these characters, I'm definitly attached to them, but it's hard! I always get ideas for scenarios and then start to draw them out, and then they don't go anywhere. Can YOU think of a good ending for this little scenario?!


lorelay bove said...

I love the mermaid!
The second pose it has awesome shapes!

Edward Juan said...

I love the mermaid! oops. lorelay said it already.

Anonymous said...

I bet duck would like it if someone wrote him a letter.

Vi said...

God, you make me mad sometimes how good you are.