Friday, February 23, 2007

Well, I guess this is what's happening: even though I KNOW I should be working on my film there is a big TRIBE of awesome, rad, bitchin' character designers coming to our school within like, a week of each other. So here I am spending one million hours in the lab trying to make my scribbly-poop drawings look pretty, so I can actually get advice from people who KNOW what they're doing! And construct a decent portfolio from the rubble of tiny pieces of paper that are pinned up all over my cube! Because you see, to date, as of this moment, the highlight of my career as any kind of character designer is this: eating Joe Moshier's hashbrowns and Cheny Yi Chang's coleslaw at Denny's late on a Wednesday night. That's it for me.

These are INSANELY old. They're from second year, when Alex Kirwan came and gave us a little character design workshop in Shane's class. I had so much fun!! The only redeeming quality of these two are their names: Twiggy and Chubbers. Alex Hirsch loves this junk.

And El Deatho, the villian counterpart to Twig and Chubs...

This is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! Submarella is a grotesque, yucky creation that was the result of a conversation between myself and Alex Hirsch. She's yucka. I know. She's a mermaid manatee, or WOMANatee, if you will. When explorers from Europe first saw manatees in tropical waters, they thought they were mermaids. How could they make such a mistake?? Beats me. Perhaps they were Adrian Molina's Spanish ancestors, which would explain his obsession with her.


Jeff Liu said...

Haha Chubbers is awesome.

John S. said...

To this day, Adrian has copies of this mermaid thing next to his desk at work.
You have some nice stuff here.!