Wednesday, March 14, 2012

dresses which are not dresses + website

I forgot to mention this before, but I finally have a place you can find me in the internets with a name which is very easy to remember!  

That's where my tumblr-based portfolio lives.  If you have a tumblr you can follow me and tumbl away! It feels very official and neat.  The only bummer is that you still have to remember to spell my name right (no D, two E's, two T's, yes I know it's a funny spelling, but I didn't choose it).

And here are some discarded ideas from a thing I'm working on, er, trying to be working on.  

I'm not going to explain too much because there isn't much to say.

Here's a birdcage dress lady!  Her hat is also a birdcage.  

I imagine that the weather girl is prone to mood swings.  


Yes I know they're very silly.  


The Reign of Ellen said...

I just worry about the poop fallout from the bird dress...

Madeline said...

Ooh I like all three!

Unknown said...

The umbrella dress is kind of genius. Please put this character in some sort of animated film.

Michaele Razi said...

Love these!

Heidi Smith said...

These are really nice!