Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is Sticky, the cat. Sean is lending his voice to Sticky. He makes very good cat sounds. This is as close to a crossover character as I've got this year, since there was a cat in my last year film too. See, I get all attached to my characters and then I want to use them over and over. In my first year film I had a robot girl, who was then transmitted into my second year film with the duck, who then flew on a giant cat with Milo last year, and now...well, here's Sticky. He's lumpy.

It's the end of the semester! Everything is crazy crazy crazy. I have big piles of papers to write, but that's okay, I'll have a very small pile of papers to write next semester when I'm FREAKING OUT trying to finish my film. I'm supposed to be done with my animatic by winter break...that's not happening. I'll just have to wait and work on it over break too, I suppose. The bulk of the film will probably remain in mostly animatic form, with some utterly lovely limited animation where it is absolutely neccessary. I drove myself to the edges of my sanity last year trying to animate a kid walking, a kid running, a kid walking in perspective (I apologize everyday to the Brigette of last year for putting her through such tortures). The only really fun thing to animate was, incidentally, the flying cat.

ALSO! I switched the setting that regulates who can leave me comments, so if you are my glorious friend Vanessa, or smelly Alex Hirsch, or my parents, or Sean Jimenez, you can now leave me a comment even though you don't have a blog yourself. But I would strongly suggest you get a blog anyway since you're all really cool.


Amelia Lorenz said...

I loved your flying cat when I saw your film in the summer--in fact, I loved the whole t'ing... hehe

Cindey said...

I love your characters and how you've been carrying each one to the next film. Maybe one day you could have one with all of them together! Good luck with your school stuff, Brigette! :D

brigette b said...

Thanks for the comments gals!

You guys are the best.

Jeff Liu said...

Fancy fantastic!
How hard are those papers?
They sound ... annoying.

Unknown said...

Fun animated character!! Love the personality!