Saturday, December 16, 2006

Well you guys, break is upon us. CalArts is now a ghost town. I'll be heading out soon myself, and since none of my destinations have scanners, and I have nothing showy and fun and new to post right now (I've been working on my animatic, and animatic drawings are not too interesting all by themselves) here's some old not-so-good stuff to make up for the next few weeks of no posts.

Oooh look, snow.

Oooh look, a tree and snow.

There was a smelly kid in my third grade class named Carly. She picked her nose in class and had these really ugly transparent plastic aviator glasses. She drew butts all over her papers.

And here's some oofy bears. I did them last year kinda quick as something to fill up my portfolio. Cause you know, people looooove color!

Well it's better than nothing, isn't it?

Did I mention I'm going to Japan?? Spending the New Year across the sea. I'll take LOTS of pictures.


Amelia Lorenz said...

Have a great break Bridgette! I love those silly bears.

Cindey said...

aww hehe silly bears. :)
Have a fantastic break. I'm on my last week now- so about 4-5 days until I'm free, until the portfolio of doom is to be completed (ahh!), and until I'm going down to that country of yours again to DisneyWorld!

Have fun in Japan! I've always wanted to go there- visit cool places (there's a Studio Ghibli museum isn't there?), and go shopping! And I suppose- Have a Happy New Year! (in advance.) :)

brigette b said...

Dude, Cindey, you're applying too?? To CalArts or elsewhere?

Yes there is a Ghibli Museum! I don't know if we'll go, I think you need to make reservations. But I will be going to Tokyo Disneyland!

Cindey said...

Yes to CalArts, the most frightening of them all. Actually, I found out about csssa due to my already growing interest in CalArts. I wonder why the CalArts deadline is earlier than many other schools... I'm also going to apply to Sheridan. As for schools in the US (with the exception of CalArts)- I would probably only go if I get a giant scholarship. I was pre-accepted to MICA on portfolio day though, still it's very expensive and I don't know much about MICA or Maryland for that matter.

Is it ever possible to be satisified with the work you currently have? Because I do have enough artwork... but only a part of it that I'm actually 80%-confident with submitting. And because of that I'm rushing to do more work that I'd actually be happier with. It's quite frustrating.

Yay Disney!


Brigette , these are sooooo fun!! and I love the snow scapes!! HAppy Holidays!! in JAPAN!!!

brigette b said...

As far as being happy with your own work goes, it think it happens something like this: You're always trying to acheive some level of "good", and as soon as you are about to break through and get a handle on it, the bar just goes up a little higher. But that's okay. It should. If you get to the point where you are just happy with whatever you do, then you've hit a rut. Or you're totally awesome. But it seems like even really great people retain their desire to keep improving. It's a strange thing, too, because you only realize that you've hit a milestone in hindsight. While I'm actually working on something, a drawing or painting or bit of animation, I only seem to be able to think of how it is just so extremely so-so that I could punch myself for being better overall. And then when I look at said work a year later I wonder "why didn't I do more stuff like THIS?"

Bottom line, you just have to keep doing it. Draw and draw draw draw.

Edward Juan said...

Gette! Dont' forget to sent me a postcard okay doky? BTW, I really like your snow landscape painting. How come I've never seen that!? Put it in your portfolio! have fun in JAPAN! Don't forget to eat tofu and ask for no fish broth.

Gregory Sesma said...

dam girl your doodles r the most... very cool, very cool indeed.

Anonymous said...

I love these bears. Really cool Brigette. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

snow and animals these are real real great gal. keep on keeping it on. love van

Anonymous said...

I love the tree and snow. I find the artful simplicity inspiring, and I keep coming back to look at it. It's charming.