Sunday, April 22, 2007

Okay, well, yeah, I didn't die or anything.

This is what's been happening: I FINISHED MY FILM!!! Hoorah!

So I'm done with that! The final thing came out to almost six minutes (longer than I had thought), and somehow I got it in two days early, by some stroke of luck or genius or timing or maybe the universe is about to implode. I thought I was going to be working up until the last possible day, as usual.

So, Captain Scratchy Beard lives. And I can't wait until the Open Show this Friday...I've seen a couple films, a few snippets, a few teasers and tests and so on, but the Open Show is where it all comes together. And my dad is coming down to see it like he does every year, so that'll be fun!

And then, PORTFOLIO DAY! Ugh. So that's what I'm working on now. Sadly, I have nothing to post, since I dare not set foot inside the labs to scan or upload anything (there's nothing worse when you are working on your film and winding down to the last hours than when someone comes waltzing through going "I'm done! I'm done!"), and I feel like I really need a little breaky-break anyway, drink some tea, read a book, paint my fingernails, junk like that.

But soon, I promise, I've been dying to draw some stuff from Jason and the Argonauts since I saw it again a few weeks ago, so expect some Neptunes and greasy sixties-style Greek dudes coming your way.

Thanks everyone for the big response for the indie kids! I like them too, they remind me of CSSSA. The one in the bottom left corner is me. I used to drink soda and wear fairy wings (dork).

Yay for life post-crunchtime!


IZA said...

Congrats on finishing your film!!!!


You made that film your bitch and turned it in befeore it even knew what happened! Good luck with the portfolio! Yeah Jason and the Argonauts was another assignment we wanted to give you guys along with Christmas Carrol. Tear it up brigette!

Puga Vida said...

hey love your designs, their really playfull. and good luck on your film, ill be back for more. keep up the amazing work

Vi said...

Yeah, congrats Brig'. You've honestly accomplished so much.