Sunday, October 28, 2007

I am so sorry. I will never abandon my blog again. I feel like I forgot to feed my fish for a week or something...except in that case the fish would most probably be expired, while this blog is hopefully (fingers crossed) still kicking. I guess my major cause of blog neglect is simply having a full time job, but that's NO EXCUSE! I know! Also I've been doing a lot of other life-oriented stuff, like throwing tea parties and baking cupcakes and going to Disneyland and buying Halloween decorations galore! So it's not that I'm lazy or boring, I just don't have any art to show for it. I'm gonna have to feed you that old line about "posting something soon!" In the mean time, here's a big old load of baked goods:

Here's a cartoon/super dork-related thing: I went to Dia de los Muertos at Hollywood Forever Cemetary last night, and there was an alter dedicated to Mel Blanc! It won 2nd place in the alter contest! It was real hard to get a good shot because it was super dark, and there were people crowded all over.

Happy Halloween, by the way!


Adrian Molina said...

Super cool brigette. The bones in your skull-and-crossbones cookie plate look like dog treats. I hope someone dresses like a dog for whatever party that's for.

Happy Halloween!

Dan said...

I hear ya, its tough...the only reason I keep comin' back is your avatar...haha, i kid...Lets see some arts!