Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hello blog buddies out there in the interwebs. I went for a walk this past weekend around my neighborhood, in the early afternoon before yet another storm rolled in to soak everything. It was super freaking bright, and I walked by a blue apartment building with the brightest, bloomiest loveliest pink roses in front.

I didn't have my camera, because I'm a retard. So this is just from memory. That girl isn't supposed to be me...I'm not blonde. Not even close. But I did put her in my favorite dress! Black with small white dots, which is what I was wearing during my walk. I also don't have blue boots that awesome, although I wouldn't refuse them. This is a real for REAL painting with PAINT! Paint and colored pencils on board.

So I think I should set myself an artistic challenge for the month of February. Either a painting every other day, or 100 owls, or something...I just need to keep myself creating stuff outside work.

I also wanted to start a new blog, one where I just talk about stuff I like. Why? Cause I wanna share my favorite stuff with people. I kind of disagree the attitude of hoarding all your influences, especially when it's so much more FUN to show people stuff they've never seen before. And everybody takes something different from it anyway, right? I guess it's just the teacher in me. So I'll jump start that blog later today. I have some scanning to do!

Here's something interesting, if you find me at all an interesting kinda person: I got my tattoo this weekend! It looks real scabby/gross/bruisy in this picture, but I love it.

I had an instructor at CSSSA who said that when you sit down to write (but it goes for drawing too, or for creating with your hands in general I think) what you are really trying to do is get a direct line from that hand to your heart, bypassing all the logic in your brain that tells you stuff like "that doesn't make sense, it's not good enough, it looks like so and so's stuff, that sucks, start over, give up, this is taking too long." So now I have my little black heart to remind me of that important heart/hand connection (or you know, for those more technical, right brain/hand, or collective unconcious/hand maybe?)

Have a nice Wednesday!


Kelly said...

What a lovely idea. :) And I like the simplicty of the tattoo.

Daron Leah Nefcy said...

I love the painting Brigette! It captures a nice moment.

ahappymamabear said...

what a wonderfully symbollic tattoo. i love it.