Monday, January 07, 2008

See! I am keeping my promise to myself. I stayed up until 2am yesterday to get these doodles out my brains (that's usually when the best kinds of drawings occur), with the rain and wind going at it outside the window and a cup of tea and listening to Jens Lekman and John Prine, knowing I was going to hate hate hate waking up in the morning. Without thinking or noticing I drew right over some notes that Sean had written on that peice of says something like "- not sucking - beautiful - elegant - David Bowie -"

Can you guess what these drawings are going to become?

You'll find out soon.


Dani said...

Wow, Brigette, these are beautiful!
And I bet they're on their way to become amazing little paintings...

samacleod said... going to do a painting of it??? That'd be awesome...awesome.

Erwin Madrid said...

These are great sketches! They will look great in a painting.
Thanks for sharing!

Adrian Molina said...


How do you draw such magical things? Please teach me. Really, she's beautifully designed, and I love the umbrella too.

Chris Battle said...

That last one is pretty dman nice!