Friday, March 28, 2008

My face is going to be on your TV.

KCET has chosen the films of two of probably my most favorite people ever to be in their Fine Cut series, which means that they play that stuff on TV! Alex's Hirsch's "Off the Wall" will play (in which I play a girl reading a book for like ten seconds), and on a different day Sean Jimenez's "Why Can't I Fly?" will air (I wrote the narration for that one) (and that's my boyfriend) (and it's not on YouTube). So be supportive! Go to the KCET site HERE and check out the times and WATCH THAT STUFF! It's worth it, I promise. I would still endorse it even if I had nothing to do with them. Plus, I don't have cable, so you'll have to watch it on my behalf. And if you haven't already seen Alex's film it's right here.

I'm researching printers right now so I can hope to start selling stuff this summer. I'll probably end up selling my stuff through Etsy, since I don't know or understand how website/internet magic stuff works, and Etsy's already an established venue for people selling their home made type wares. If you don't know what that is you should go look. Why not?

Sorry about the lack of drawings...I've been the subject of a lot of self-inflicted drama recently, and as a result I've spend a lot less time drawing and a lot more time eating cookies and watching cartoons. I'm trying to get on it, really!! Also Sean is going to Austria for like TWO MONTHS in a couple weeks so you can see how I'd be trying to spend more time with that guy.

Anyway, that was a lot of awkward exposition. Just check back real soon and there'll be more stuff, k? Okay!


Adrian Molina said...

I wuv you bwigette. I'm happy you'll be on T.V., and you should stop inflicting drama on yourself, instead you should reward yourself for being so classy.

Emily said...

Yo Brigette,
I'm a secret (not secret anymore!) admirer of your artwork and films. I thought I should come out and say it. I love your sensibility. Congrats on everything you've accomplished, and I really look forward to more from you. Oh, and I'd certainly buy a Milo + peanut butter & jelly tree print from you.

Edward Juan said...

KCET??? HAHAHAHA That's awesome.

Hey, did you get the coffee?

Ivan Aguirre said...

Thats cool. If you ever decide to really sell your art as prints. I would love to buy pink trees. That one was awesome.

samacleod said...

Congrats on the KCET deal! That is so awesome! Sean mentioned it. So lucky. What a dream come true to have your work shown to such a ginormous audience! Very cool.