Monday, May 12, 2008

Every day at work is like getting punched in the soul.

I figured out how to put titles on my posts. 'Bout time, genius!

This will probably get colored like, later today.

I really hate Mondays. Maybe I'd like them better if the weather was not really, really depressing and ugly.

The Producer's Show was last Thursday. Great job everybody!! Good show. I had a really wonderful time talking and catching up with people. Seriously, that was probably my most fun Producer's Show ever. It made me think about the first Producer's Show I ever went to...I didn't go to the Pixar party afterwards because I went home to my smelly CalArts dorm room and cried into my smelly CalArts mattress. I guess I just couldn't handle the feeling of being completely and utterly irrelevant...I didn't know anybody and nobody knew me. I was just a little gal with real big glasses. So going and blabbing all night with people I know and like was quite nice in comparison. I still have big glasses though.

Anyway, um, seriously, soul punching...I really need to start doing more artwork of my own. Like NOW.


I did this color key, and then I started doing a cleaner version but... I really like this rougher one. Making it all spic-and-span seems kinda besides the point.

Or maybe I'm just lazy?

What do you think?


victoriaying said...

I often feel the same way...but if it gets us new Brigette art it cant be all bad! Lovely drawing!

Matt said...

Brigette, who are you working for that can cause such soul punchery? Any who, it's really delightful every time you post something new for us to see. Really love your work.

Cookedart said...

Can't wait to see the final...

Where are you working at now?

Vi said...

Grr. I don't make things awkward. I make them WONDERFUL!

EnjoyTheSauce said...

Oi. I remember freshman year being like that for me, too. Except the crying. It isn't manly to cry. So I went out and punched orphans.

It was the manly thing to do.

On a similar note: I was going totally nuts at the beginning of the semester because my film was sucking and I didn't want to be that "nobody" at the after-party my senior year. Of course, not that it mattered. Social awkwardness saved the day again, and I offended so many industry professionals that odds are I'll be working in Malaysia the rest of my life. SCORE!

Hey - so aren't you supposed to have signed some kind of magic document that says you can't say anything bad about the Mouse, ever? NEVER EVER? I thought that was part of the deal there.

Speaking of... get me a job, eh? You wouldn't believe the amount of debt I've got. Who knew that human slaves were so expensive?

brigette b said...

I didn't say anything about working for a mouse, or rabbit, or opossum, or any animal for that matter... I didn't even say I worked for a particular large corporation based in southern California, with adjacent theme parks, retail stores and affiliates. I didn't! My post was very vague. On purpose.

Ask me about it in about four months.

Team Diana said...

Brigette, you are ridiculously cool.

Write some comics or something please? I like how the characters you draw look, but even more, I like how they behave when you make them do things. Does that make sense?

Christian Robinson said...

Dear Brigette,

Have you been to the Huntington Gardens lately?
well if you haven't i would surely recommend it.
currently all the flowers are in full bloom, the rose garden is delightfully fragrant, the zen garden is perfect for meditating.
maybe if you're able to find a moment of silence
you will hear an inner voice telling you that,

" Christian Robinson thinks you're the greatest"

brigette b said...

You guys make me all gooey. In my heart.

Christian, I'll be sure to hit up the Huntington Gardens STAT before all the roses disintegrate.

Diana...I actually WAS thinking about doing some comic-type stuff. I've been reading a lot of them lately. I kind of suck at story boarding n stuff...story stuff...but I'll give it a shot!

Edward Juan said...

oh gette... you are going to make me fuck'n cry!!!!!! I miss you already. I talked to court the other day... hm... that boy needs some loving. we all need a hug.

Edward Juan said...

i'll keep your secret btw.

and. next time i visit. let's go to huntington library for the tea party tea room. I know its expensive but man, think about it? we dress up, go eat and drink tea there.... WOW

Dan said...


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you in regards the whole vitality of rough stuff shebang, often the drawings once tied down are killed pure dead. That being said people have said my stuff just looks dodgy (alternatively: eclectic) so mmmmmmaybe just ignore me.
Incidently, very beuatiful drawings and you wirte weird, like almost with sound effects or something

Mad Max Winston said...

oh no, that was a horrible title to stumble upon. I hope you end up working on something extraodinarilstreamly fun! Saw you at graduation from afar, but said no hi. Sorry, and... Hi!

IZA said...

I think it's works, and that people should do what they feel like doing, especially with their own work. And I think it looks Lovely!!!