Wednesday, August 27, 2008

duck and robot reprise

During my second year of CalArts I got that terrible "sophomore epic" bug. I planned out a film that was way too long, complex, and whose execution was faaaaaaaaar beyond my ability. I had been chipping away at it for a while when I heard a little voice in my head saying, "THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN EVER FINISH THIS, JUST STOP! DO SOMETHING ELSE!" I was already pretty invested in the first idea, and I didn't exactly have a back-up plan...but I did have some drawings of a duck, and a girl robot (who was the girl robot from my first year film that will now sink into obscurity forever since it no longer exists digitally). So I said to Sean, "I uh...I have an idea. A duck, and a robot, go on a picnic. And I don't know what happens in the middle but it ends with dancing!" And so, with about two and a half months left to go, I belted out a couple minutes of cartoon.

That was like, three years ago. Most people would just get over their student film characters and get on with life, but I kind of adore my obnoxious duck and silent robot. So I developed their universe more and pitched my idea to a studio today. Nothing came of it, it really wasn't what they were looking for. But it was fun to hop back into duck/robot world for a while.

There's the robot, the duck, their mailman the International Carrier Pigeon, and their antagonistic television friend. Below that are some little vignettes of stuff that they could do. I might still do some color keys just for kicks!

Also, I had a great birthday with cake and art and presents!

SPEAKING OF this. Thank me later.

ALSO: I would like to report that I just got back from seeing Sleeping Beauty at the El Capitan, and not only was it totally beautiful and great, but I saw June Foray and she was wearing a necklace with a HUGE shiny silver Rocky on it, with rhinestones and everything!! I was so excited that I made everyone else look at it too even though they really didn't care. Someday I TOO will be an aged lady with cartoon jewelry!


Aurore Damant said...

A robot, a duck, a picnic... I don't see why we coudn't have a great show with this. Fantastic idea.
PS : the cakes from the link are really hideous.

kevin said...

hooray for duck and robot! i like this idea

Amelia Lorenz said...

I loved that short! I still remember everyone in the Bijou was ecstatic when you showed it to us at CSSSA. It's such a fantastic idea... The voice for the Duck was perfect, too, so when you do make it into a show, you gotta get his voice again. Where are you working nowadays?
(and yes, those cakes were pretty hilarious)

Edward Juan said...

awwww GETTE! I miss you too. Not Sean though, that jerk! Btw, I sent you a B-day present and ahem... another stumptown for sean to suck on. You should get it sometime next week.

PS: I like how the car is too big for pidgeon mailman.

philip vose said...

hey brigette. how's it going? you know every time i hang out with duckworth, i picture your duck character. then i giggle. hope things are good for you. guess where i'm working come sept. 15...DISNEY! thought i'd give it a try. rather, there giving me a try. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love your Duck and Robot (and Duck and Milo shorts). I saw them on the Calarts film/video website.

And I absolutely loved Milo. The backgrounds and animation were amazing and the story was so relatable. My family is so dysfunctional sometimes. My sister fights with my other sister then my mom tells them to stop fighting then my dad comes in and wonders what's going on and it's just nonstop noise in my house. I could really relate to the film because drawing and animating helps me get away from all the chaos.

So I'm planning to apply to CSSSA (animation) for 09 and this blog is really inspiring to me.

I wish you success in the future, Brigette!