Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hey, it's my birthday soon!

We have internet now! Yay! Life is so much easier when the internet is just there. I did some freelance a few weeks ago and in order to send the company the work I had done I had to high tail it to the Coffee Bean and order something just so I could use their wi-fi. It was a bummer, partly because who really wants to go out of their way just to send an e-mail...but also because who wants to be that person who hangs around the Coffee Bean with their laptop open, typing away like there was no one else around? I don't. Plus I hate the Coffee Bean, so having to buy something from them just added to my inconvenienced feeling. But no more!!

I've been working a lot, drawing a ton, but I can't show you that stuff. I signed a paper. So instead here's some stuff from forever ago, some color keys that I did for a project that will never, ever, ever be used (everything I do is just "too cartoony", you see, right down to the color...a funny thing to believe when, uh, I thought I WAS in the business of making cartoons? Okay whatever).

And here too, are the neglected Austria photos that didn't make it onto their intended post. Thanks to my new fast lovely internet, you can enjoy more European strangeness!

We went to a farmer's market in Salzburg, and this guy was selling what translates to "Marmot Animalcream." I didn't figure out what this was exactly, but I'm fairly certain that it was more of a cream made FROM marmot animals than a cream designed FOR marmots.

I was really, really happy to be in Salzburg, city of the Sound of Music, Mozart, marionettes, and unicorns.

We went to God's house but he wasn't home.
Check out those amazing sculpted cool.

We went to Schloss Hellbrun, this castle where some rich guy built a bunch of amazing fountains like hundreds of years ago. This is one of the lesser fountains on the 'amazing' scale, but I like the image of a stag-headed Roman hunter standing among his hunting dogs with water shooting out of them.

This is the unicorn that told me secrets.

Here's a picture of a spooky graveyard! The cemeteries there were SOOOOO COOL looking....they were beautiful! Inviting, even. We paid two euros to go into the "catacombs" only to find lots of tiny dangerous stairs and no bones whatsoever. I was afraid to see real human remains and then there were none. What did I pay that two euro for?? I guess it was cool anyway, considering that the "catacombs" were carved directly into a solid stone mountainside. It was spooky, and cold.

Like I mentioned before, it will soon by my birthday! I'm 24 on the 24th of August this year which according to my mom is like REALLY special. I think every birthday is super special, personally. I even go out of my way to inflict birthday specialness upon people who have no opinion about birthdays, like when I forced Vi to enjoy cake on his a few years ago, or when I made Lorelay have a birthday party with me. This year, even though it's a day early, I'm gonna go see a Hitchcock film! Perhaps if you too have an end-of-August birthday, you know what a bummer it can be to try to plan a party at this time of year. People just disappear at the end of August...on last minute vacation or whatever. I had a lot of b-day parties with just two or three friends because everyone else took off. If you REALLY want to make my birthday happy you could always stop over at my little store and pick something up. That would just make my end-of-the-summer-birthday day!


Stone said...

haha, I've been given the "too cartoony" line as well... along with an amazing amount of other people.

What I'd like to know is... who the heck IS interested in making "cartoons" in this cartoon business?!

Beautiful colors on those keys, awesome photos, everything. Good luck.

Matt said...

Happy birthday Brigette!!!

Guess what?! You earn extra gold stars cause you fall into the following categories:

"I HAVE heard of Polaris!"

"I showed the man...that I mean business!!!"

Keep that up for another 24 years and then you don't necessarily have to be so "tuff" all the time!

Love the color keys but we need more woodland creatures in cars STAT! Thank you kindly.

Ivan Aguirre said...

I know what you feel having to drive somewhere for Internet. Our internet has been down for the past few weeks, and Ive been having to go to the public library just to check my emails, its sad.

The color keys are lovely,each one has something interesting to see. Keep up the good work brigette


IZA said...

I think your colors are Awesome, and not "cartoony" yet that shouldn't be a bad thing anyways.

Sadie Figueroa said...

Happy Belated Birthday Brigette!

Amelia Lorenz said...

Happy belated birthday!! Yours is just 2 days before MINE!! WOAH

Matt Jones said...

Those colour keys are exquisite-not cartoony at all, quite realistic in fact.

Anonymous said...

Lame. Which evil internet corporation should you give your money to? How bout the evil corporation that pays your bills! Seriously, disney? Only one of the most corrupt. You sound young, stupid, and hypocritical. Stick to your little drawings and things you know, like cartoons. Dont talk on things you obviously know nothing about and have no right to as you are a part of the problem, or at least until an "evil corporation" is no longer putting a roof over you head.
Go ahead and delete cuz I didnt kiss your ass.

brigette b said...

Um, I don't work for Disney anymore. I haven't for like, months. So I don't know to what you are referring. You sound opinionated and silly. It's not necessary to say anything at all if you disagree, but if you've gotta comment then at least get the facts straight.