Tuesday, November 11, 2008

pins are in the shop + apologies + what I'm up to

Okay, I lamed out. Somehow time escaped me and I missed my opportunity to keep up with my own two-posts-a-week rule. I came home from my APE adventures, went about getting re-organized in my little space (which was, to be mild, a big old freaking mess), and got instantly buried in sudden freelance. But I'm not giving up so easily! This is a new week, and although it's already Tuesday, I've still got four more days to make good.

First of all, my pins are packaged and in the shop and ready to go! See?

There are single buttons available on their own little tags...

...or button sets on a big hearty tag!

For those of you SoCal natives who couldn't make it up to APE to hang out, fear not! I'm going to be at Unique Los Angeles December 13th and 14th, selling my prints and other forthcoming goodies. I haven't been to UniqueLA before myself, but I'm pretty excited about it! It looks like it's going to be a swanky, stylish affair, and I'm going to have to take a few steps up from the "Welcome to Grandma Brigette's" look at APE. I'm going to be veeeerrrrrrry busy, folks. Hey, who all is heading to the Felt Club this weekend, by the way? I've been wanting to go for literally YEARS and something always got in the way. Not this year though, I'm making a point to get myself down there and enjoy some crafty goods!

What else can I show you blog readers to woo you back?

Oh! Here's a glamorous photo of my mom!

And here is a really fantastic artwork by Ken Garduno that I procured at APE. Our tables were next door to each other and we did a trade...which I think I rather unfairly got the better end of. I love love love this piece.

Okay, one more thing! This weekend Goonies is playing at the Rialto in Pasadena. It's a charity event, and you should go, because The Goonies is awesome.

Oh yes, and Ice Cream People.

I hope that at least slightly makes up for my DB'ing last week. You'll be hearing from me SOON!


Ravenswick said...

Welcome back! Good luck at your show in LA and your Mom is absolutely gorgeous! What cool pictures to have of her.

Vi said...

Cool. I feel like I'd find your artwork at Solvang - I mean that in a good way!

Jon Klassen said...

I would have waited to get a button if I had known there would be fancy tags later...

Anonymous said...

Your artwork literally makes my day better...almost better than english tea :P Great stuff in the past few posts, really enjoying the picture frames. Keep on going:)


jonathan said...

your mom looks fabulous.