Monday, December 01, 2008

shangri-la's + upcoming holiday events

I spent most of today painting these guys. I can't believe it's so late! I was so wrapped up in painting that I didn't even notice the time passing and I almost forgot to eat dinner!

You should watch this video! Then you will understand what is so fascinating about these ladies and their shiny pants!

I know there are four in this clip and I only did three. I'm really, really bad at math guys. Not really...the 4th Shangri-la just wasn't always around. Sometimes she's there and sometimes she's not. Ultimately, I just thought a triptych looked so much nicer than a whatever a group of four paintings is called. I also took liberties with their long poofy sleeves because c'mon, those sleeves are just silly.

I'm gonna be really busy the next couple weeks, because I've got all this stuff coming up:

Handmade Brigade, Dec. 6th

GOOD Local World's Fair, Dec. 7th

Unique LA, Dec. 13th and 14th

Yes, very busy indeed. Wish me luck!


Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Beautfil ladies! Hooray for real paint, too! It's easy to see why you're so busy/popular. Your version of their sleeves could have been their summer look, perhaps. :)

brigette b said...

Real paint kicked my butt! It took me two paintings and like five episodes of This American Life just to remember how to hold a brush and mix the colors. There's more real paint stuff coming soon!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Very cool. I like these girls alot. The brushwork on the blond one came out really well! Good luck with the festivals!

emve said...

Cool paintings!

Kim Caro said...

they are adorable :)

Samanta Erdini said...


That`s so cool!! and the video too!!!

I love the paint you did too!



Jon Klassen said...

i think i like the middle shangri la best. i think.

Edward Juan said...

hey gette. I thought it will be cool if I visit LA when you do one of those market thing. How about it?
and I like how you measure the time you spent by counting the episodes of TAL. so calarts.

Cualpeco said...

Reaally!! beautiful!!! i'm astounded by your atyle!!!

Cindey said...

cute paintings brigette! :)
good luck at your events and i wish we had time to go visit you at one of them!

Fly The Friendly Skies said...

awesome work! good luck. :)