Thursday, January 15, 2009

sketch book dribble

I have to resort to my sketchbook this week for blog content. How did it get to be Thursday already??

When I sketch it's usually not to make pretty pictures, and definitely not to impress anybody with my mad crazy drawing skills, which I think is why a lot of people keep sketch books. Perhaps that was my M.O. once upon a time, but these days it's just a catch-all for ideas. It's like a big old net for my thoughts, and the drawings in them are usually pretty subpar, scribbly garbage. But guess what? Scribble garbage is all you get today!

Speaker skirt girl.

Hey, Yuki sketches! Just generating some ideas...

My own personal version of Witch Baby from the Dangerous Angel books by Francesca Lia Block. I ate those books up when I was in high school. They're just written so lovingly. They fanned the flame of my enthusiasm for Los Angeles by making it seem like a magical, lyrical place, which I still think it is.

Roller skater...I see now that I forgot to give her a butt. Oops.

Sketch for a painting, and sketch of my beloved. He would not appreciated it if he knew I posted this drawing, so don't tell him, k?

Guess who these two fine fellows are!

It's a tiny, tiny doodle of little Pete and Artie, and Strongest Man in the World. Can't you tell?!

Okay, back to illustrating for me. I have a super awesome sweater to show you on Saturday, so stay tuned.


Kim Caro said...

you've got it going ON.


david kow said...

i love your blog so much, plenty of awesome talent.

Josh Parpan said...

Pete and Pete sketches!! So awesome!

Ivan Aguirre said...


the sketch of the little girl catching the feather is so appealing. Its so loose, but what a great design. I love how her little feet are curled up. That litlle doodle alone I can look at for days.


RAWLS said...

Beautiful sketches Brigette!!! Great stuff!

Nanda said...

Hey bridget you're so prolific it's really impressive. Don't hold back on posting your sketches, you know. You can find shiny finished work everywhere these day, but doodles are a precious precious commodity.

stay cool