Wednesday, May 27, 2009

after 100 years...

...the project that I worked on for Swarovski is FINALLY online!

I don't know why it took them so long to put it up on their site, but it's THERE, and you can watch it now!


Up to 2:53 is the part I worked on.

And now to answer any questions you might have, I've written a little FAQ:

You: "Wait, what did you do on this??"

Me: I designed the characters based on the crystial figures (which already existed...I had nothing to do with how they look) and did model sheets, and I also painted the backgrounds.

Y: "Wait, what is this for?"

M: It's basically a commercial for crystal figures. They don't have much personality on their own, so they needed a little help from good old animation know-how.

Y: "Did you do that whole thing???"

M: Nope. I just designed the characters and painted the backgrounds. Courtland Lomax directed/produced the whole shebang, Sean Jimenez drew the layouts and did story boards, Ethan Metzger after-effects-ted it (with help from lots of others!), and just about every animator I know animated a few seconds here and there. Unfortunately a whole lot of the folks who worked on it don't have a blog or website or any other kind of presence on the inter-webs, or else I'd link to them right now. Get with it, guys!

Y: "What did you do the backgrounds in? Is it paint?"

M: They're digital, 100%. I have like a hundred photoshop brushes.

Y: "What's Swarovski?"

M: They make crystals. Or, more appropriately, I should say that they manufacture crystals. They don't dig them out of the earth, they melt quartz and sand and colors together and then grind them down to make them amazingly shiny and pretty. They are very expensive. I've been to Austria twice and visited Swarovski HQ and stolen their markers and abused their espresso machines, and I love them for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Y: "Are you going to work with them again?"

M: Yep! I'm working on the designs for the next round of figures right now. It's fun.

Y: "Which one is your favorite?"

M: I really love how Emily turned out. Animation wise, Jen Hager hit the nail on the head with Marie and Pierre...they are PERFECT: they're on model, they move beautifully, and their acting is spot on. Camille is pretty cute too...I'm impressed with how she spins around on the lazy susan. Props to P.Vose for painting that slice of cake over and over again.

Y: "Where is this playing? On TV?"

M: No, it won't be on TV. It'll be on the website and probably in some Swarovski stores. Notice how there's no dialogue/talking/writing except for the cats' names. Swarovski is way international, so this could be playing in a store in Japan or Italy or somewhere right now for all we know.

Y: "Who did the music?? It's so charming."

M: My friend Brian! Check him out!

Okay guys, I know that the lack of images on this blog lately is way lame. I promise that NEXT TIME I post, there will be images aplenty!


Vi said...

Vi Dieu likes this. Wait, I'm not on Facebook.

verabee said...

The more you know! *twang* Absolutely gorgeous, and an amazing collaborative effort. Congrats!

RAWLS said...

Beeeautiful work B! I really enjoyed the first half of that animation! The moving colour on the cats was pretty distracting, but aside from that it was fantastic! Great work my friend!

Marjorie said...

Awesome! I looove your artwork!

H. Ahrens said...

What a lovely work! Owning a Siamese cat myself, my favorite would have to be Ines and Diane. I loved the blend of the music and animation. Can't wait to see more!


Adrian Molina said...

Awesome work, it turned out amazing! This almost makes me want to buy a bunch of crappy crystal cats.

Hobo Divine said...

100 years and it still stands up!

I liked the twinkling facets too.
(How are you?)


victoriaying said...

so charming! Really beautiful work!

Josh Parpan said...

Wow, It looks fantastic!

Fawn said...

I love how you guys managed to make these cats look like crystal. beautiful animation and design. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I found the spot posted on Cartoon "brew" me away! Completely adorable character design, the backgrounds were charming and the music was so perfectly befitting the animation. You deserve every bit of praise this brings, as do all of the other artists (and I do NOT use that term lightly!) who contributed.

Now I'm off to purchase some crystal kitties!

ZSL said...

I am glad you said there would be more of these. This made me all warm and fuzzy inside!

Marcos Cohen said...

Beautiful designs! Love the backgrounds! Great work

Jake and Micah said...

A friend just sent me a link to the Swarovski video. GORGEOUS AND ABSOLUTELY CHARMING! I love all the beautiful kitties that were featured especially the Siamese. :)