Thursday, May 14, 2009

pics from the show!

As promised, some photos from the show this past weekend, courtesy of Jules! (As you may know, dear blog reader, my camera has resigned to paper weight status, and so I have no pics of my own.)

Sorry to anyone in these pics who would rather not be. If it makes you feel better, there are pretty much no flattering images of myself to speak of.

Bert approved.

Cute children and cute dogs liked the show, too...(that's my friend's baby Kaitlyn and my sister's baby Bambi).

Yep. Good times.


Jushtin E. Lee said...

Aww, I missed it.
I definitely WILL be at your next gallery opening.

Edward Juan said...

brigette! The show looks great. Which pieces are on the gallery? Does the show have a website?