Sunday, May 31, 2009

sketch bits

Arrrgh I can't believe it's Sunday already! What! Here are some sketches for you. Just stuff from my sketchbook, really. Like this 18th century lady with trees for hair, and this 30's bathing beauty...

I haven't drawn from life much recently, because honestly, it bores me. How many images of people in a coffee shop do I ever want to look at? Not very many. Animals in a zoo mostly just stand around. I do love Sean to pieces though, so drawing him lying in the grass reading Walter Benjamin (a smart person book of some kind) is pretty fun.

I've been thinking about mythology a lot lately.

I tried to personify Hollywood, but I don't think she'd really be this trashy/stupid.

I'm gonna color this in and it's going to be pretty. These girls are from "Les Demoiselles de Rochefort", a very beautiful and melancholy French movie with Catherine Deneuve and her sister, whose name escapes me. The art direction is soooo cool!

Check back for it later this week!


Food and Drugs said...

Well, they can be just sketch bits but they look very promising.

Katie said...

I love the last one!! Beuaitful sketches. Your drawings are so pretty and nice. I want to see that movie you referenced now!

Jon Klassen said...

'hollywood' looks like she'd do some terrible things.

Kristen McCabe said...

That 18th century lady with trees for hair is crazy cool! Please tell me you're going to do a series of paintings based on girls with trees for hair. Great concept.

brigette b said...

Jon: I know! That's why I need to change her. I don't really think Hollywood is that horrible!

Kristen: I am going to do a series of paintings based on girls with trees for hair! Or at least a few more. They're fun.