Monday, May 28, 2012

paintings for sale!

I put some paintings up for sale in my old etsy store tonight!  (The painting above included.)

These paintings were sitting in my closet, and every time I opened the closet I found myself thinking "what am I gonna do with all this stuff?"  
After hemming and hawing and thinking and such, I finally decided that listing them online was a better idea than using them as really big coasters.  
Just kidding...I actually really like my old work.  It's just tough when you have a lot of your own stuff around.  If you hang it all up you risk looking like an egomaniac, and you also risk making yourself crazy since inevitably all you see in your own past work is the flaws.  It's also sorta sad to just keep the stuff locked is meant to be hung up and adorning walls somewhere, after all. 

What's for sale, you ask?

I don't sell my own work very often, and I'm not planning on listing anymore after these have sold, so it's kind of a special deal.  As I'm writing this I've already sold a few things.  I'm just sayin!


Nicola said...

These are very sweet. Just going to go and take a peek at the rest now! I really love visiting your blog, sorry I don't always comment x

Sarah said...

I hope you sell more prints at some point. I love your work and have two prints. I'd love to have the acrobats print to go with my other two circus ladies some day :)

Melanie said...

So excited I was able to snag something!

Anonymous said...

This building it's amazing!