Saturday, May 26, 2012

peter pan

This is my piece for the Peter Pan themed show at Susanita's Little Gallery.  The gallery is completely online, so you only need a computer and internets to snap this one up when it goes live.  
Another cool thing about Susanita's: they donate 20% of their profit from each sale to a children's charity.  You can support me AND an adorable child in need AND you get a pretty cool painting of an androgynous elfish boy to treasure forever.

I had fun with this!  I wanted to get away from the Disney version of Peter Pan (even though I like that version...those green tights are very strange, if you think about it).   I have read the books and Peter is described as having a tunic of skeleton leaves or something, so lots fancy leaves were in order.

Composition sketches before I thought of doing it in an oval.  I like the oval format.  Sean thinks it's stupid, but I like it!

I looked at a lot of leaves.  

OH yeah and Tinkerbell!  I love that she is unapologetically bitchy. I wanted her to be topless.  Tiny little fairy boobies are funny, don't you think?  In the actual painting she's so small that you can barely see her face, so I just skipped the boobies and hiked up her dress a bit more.  I'm tempted to do a second piece with her in it, but I've got other stuffs to work on!


Unknown said...

This is an amazing work! And your Tinkerbell in topless is so funny, her expression in the sketches is exactly how the book make me feel about it <3

Anonymous said...

Your sketches are so great!

Cindey said...

i really like this!
and all the adorable leaf designs!

Gillibean said...

Bootiful! I love your exploration drawings. How you can come up with such a variety of leaves! Its amazing!

I also have a thing for circle pictures...I dont know what it is!

Wonderful image!

sylvï said...

this for some reason reminded me of regis loisel's peter pan comics, and the lovely mermaid boobies in them specifically. ;D

Unknown said...

Thank you for this wonderful entry, and for your amazing painting. :D

Unknown said...

I really love your work. Peter Pan was one of my favorites as a kid. Inspiring work.