Wednesday, May 30, 2012

wonderground gallery show

I was asked to be a part of the very first show at the Disney Wonderground Gallery in Downtown Disney (right next to Disneyland, CA!).  I was asked to do a Mickey themed piece and a Pixar theme piece, and I got to choose which Pixar film to do.  I finished these waaaaaay back in February and  I can finally show them to you!

The grand opening of the gallery will be on June 9, in Downtown Disney.
I'll be there!!! 
From 11am-1pm I'll be there to sign my custom painted Vinylmation 95 (which is top secret until then), and say hello!

I love classic cartoony Mickey, especially the rubber hose era, where things were allowed to get super weird and surreal.  They're so fun to watch.  I didn't want to stray too far from that.  But also, pink.  Lots of pink.

I wanted to focus on Sid for my Toy Story piece.  Did you ever know a kid like him??  I didn't, but I DID go to people's houses were it was obvious they hadn't redecorated in about 30 years.  That gross avocado green from Sid's house really stuck with me...and the shag carpet...and the crazy wallpaper...yipes.  I always liked the mutant toys lots, too.  They're fun and sad at the same time.  

Both these pieces are acrylic on board, and framed, and ready to go!  

I'm not exactly sure just yet, but there may be t-shirts and prints of these paintings available at the gallery, amongst other things!

Should be a pretty good day.  Hope some of you can make it out!


Claire said...

Oooh I love them both, but especially the Micky and Minnie piece. Great color pallet!

Emily said...

WOW!!! I hope I can snatch myself a print of that Sid piece--nice choice of focus! He's def. an underrated Pixar character :)

Aaron Ludwig said...

These are gorgeous.

ZM Shore said...

Hey Brigette, my name is Zachary Shore, I am going to be a BFA1 for Character this fall at CalArts, I have been following your work for several years but I was on a trip to southern California and I stopped by the art store in Downtown Disney. While there I got a chance to look the original Sid piece from Toy Story. It was a real thrill seeing the work of someone you admire in person! Thanks for the inspiration! Keep posting and never stop drawing!