Sunday, November 10, 2013

fleet collection

Two things: this is not a fashion blog, and I am not a fashion blogger.  So when the opportunity presented itself for me to get my hands on some crazy cute dresses from Fleet Collection and take some pictures in them, I was like "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! me?!" and then I was like "GIMME THOSE DRESSES!"  

You see, I love clothes.  I really, really love clothes.  Especially dresses.  I have more dresses than pairs of socks, or t-shirts.  Dresses for days!  I love dresses!

Basically: I convinced my friend Janine Ker to hang out in Griffith Park here in Los Angeles for a day and take pictures of me.  It was so much fun!  Not just styling the dresses, but getting to collaborate on something with my friend, doing something creative outside the norm for both of us.  I mean, I'm no model, and the button on Janine's camera is held on with a bit of tape, and we did this all completely guerilla style!  (We almost got booted out of Travel Town for bringing 'props' in with us.) We got some weird looks, but that just added to the fun, I think.  

It also forced me to respect my favorite fashion bloggers that much takes a lot of planning and creativity to get good shots!

Credits for this adventure:
Styled and modeled by this moi

We shot this blue dress in Travel Town in Griffith Park.  It's full of cool old trains.  It's probably one of the coolest places in LA.  And it's free!

As a person who owns a lotta dresses already, I have to say that these are really excellently crafted.  I'm not jus saying that!  The fabric is nice and thick, so you don't have to wear a slip underneath, and they fit like a glove.  They're not flimsy like dresses this cute tend to be.  

Also, they are made in downtown Los Angeles!!  How cool is that?

sweater: J.Crew
shoes: Kurt Geiger
little suitcases: that is just the kinda stuff that I keep around.

This is a good place to mention that Janine is also my hairdresser.  She is responsible for my pixie cut, which gets me an average of one compliment a day.  

For the photos with this black and red dress I had the silly idea of going to this giant bougainvillea bush in Atwater Village, right by a train overpass.  It was our least glamorous location for sure (garbage all over, old man with a shopping cart rolled through, a car honked at us) but those flowers matched the dress so well!

sunglasses: the $15 or less store in Santa Barbara.  They were $7!
hat: some vintage hole in the wall.
belt: a thrift store like seriously 8 years ago
shoes: Kurt Geiger again
necklace: The Getty Center gift shop

THIS dress may have been my favorite.  I love red.  

 hat: J.Crew
belt: a thrift store like seriously 9 years ago
sunglasses: Asos

hat: Topshop
cardigan: Crossroads
all my jewelry: vintage

I got that paper parasol at FYF Fest a couple months ago for the practical purpose of keeping the sun off and also the awesome purpose of being adorable.  It was a fun prop!

Both Janine and I agreed that this yellow dress looked best among the yellow leaves of the sycamore trees.  The sycamore is my favorite tree.  How could you not love a tree that grows little deedly-balls on it?!

cardigan: Crossroads
shoes, sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
lace socks: Forever21

I hope I get the opportunity to do something like this again.  Super fun times!

Don't worry, there will be an art update soon.  I sure as heck have a lot to share, I just have to wait until the time is right!


Luciana ♥ said...

loved ... actually really like to come by ... all beautiful ... sorry some mistakes, I'm brazilian my english is bad!!

Unknown said...

You look so adorable! I love the dresses! :) You could be a fashion blogger any day, babe! <3

Ms. Dee said...

Soooo pretty! They all came out fantastically. I saw Fleet at Renegade SF and I basically wanted every single dress.

Cindy said...

Seriously cute styling! I especially loved the one of you in the red dress, purple sweater and little hat. That looks like a scene you might paint :)

emma brown trithart said...

AHH! I just moved to Los Angeles and am now very excited to go to Travel Town.

Also fashion blogging! It is so funny, isn't it? I tried to do it for awhile and never got comfortable with posing for photos in public, which you have totally pulled off!