Wednesday, December 11, 2013

rapunzel heads

I was cleaning my studio last weekend (it was extremely overdue) and I found these in a box in a pile of other drawings!  They are from my Disney internship days, when I did a little bit of work on Rapunzel (it was still called Rapunzel instead of Tangled then...that's how long ago it was).  Some (ok, MANY...alright MOST) of these look kinda oofy to me now, but they are an example of what character design is all about: just messing around with shapes.  Kinda fun still!

 These, like all the work that I did at Disney, only exist on paper.  The hard drive I had saved my work on crashed forever go and I have yet to get around to getting the data recovered.  WHO KNOWS what other priceless gems are hidden away in the deep recesses of my ancient hard drive???  


Anonymous said...

I want to draw as good as you,

Unknown said...

Hey did you end up getting to work for Disney after your internship? Did you like it? Was it very hard to get an internship? I'm an aspiring animator so it would be really awesome if you could help me out :D

Unknown said...

These illustrations are so cute! Thanks for sharing Home For Handmade