Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's a sketch parade! Whoa!

Here's some miscellaneous character designs for my film. Everybody seems to respond to that first little boy a lot. Hmm.

Library doodle. It's Lady Earl Grey, like the tea. I think I'll paint her up one of these days when I feel like procrastinating some important Critical Studies paper, like I'm doing right now.

And las but not least, here's Bert. Good old Bert. His reaction to this drawing was, "Do I really look that mean??"

Thanks a bunch to everybody who leaves me comments! It's really hard to know if anybody is actually looking at this stuff, and I know that not everyone who looks will comment, but it's encouraging just the same! Thanks guys!

More character designs later, and hopefully some color stuff too.


lorelay bove said...

you are right, first thing I said is how cute the little boy drawing is!

samacleod said...

Seriously, that kid has personality. The bert is great too, that scarf HAD to be documented, so thanks for taking care of it for us.

chris chua said...

god, this is beautiful...Lovely shapes and character designs...I really like the third little girl to the right

Jeff Liu said...

Brigette rocks!

Edward Juan said...

You know which one i like! The GIRL WITH THE BOW!

Cindey said...

Brigette! :D
I love these designs and I'm excited about your new filmmm. No duck?