Wednesday, November 01, 2006

That's the last of them. I still like these backgrounds, even though they look like a big, naive color explosion to me now. I was really excited about painting, what can I say. They were fun to make, since I was kinda trying to paint like a little kid (very hard after spending so many years trying NOT to draw like a six year old). Hopefully, I'll have some character designs up soon, and some bg's from this year's film. I don't want to give to much away, but I'll definitly put some sneak peaks. I'm still trying to think of an appropriate title...I think "Captain Scratchy Beard" is the working title, if that tells you anything.

Now for a tea party at Ed's house!


Nick Sung said...

I really like these a lot.

how are they a colour explosion?

Edward Juan said...

Did you like the tea? Awesome backgrounds by the way. Remember? You inspired me to paint my bgs too! Hurray for gouache!

Vi said...


These backgrounds are beautiful! I'm so glad we're friends. Keep up the good work!


Jo Bling said...

Gorgeous backgrounds, Brigette, am super impressed. Keep up the terrific work!!


Mad Max Winston said...

Hey, these look really nice and good. I still don't understand how to use paint, damn! Good job, horray

chris chua said...

Awesome stuff here brigette!!! I really like the vampire skateboarder:)

Adrian Molina said...

Brigette! I like your backgrounds so much. I mean like they changed my life when I saw them in the open show last year. They've changed the way I understand the nature of backgrounds, and I'm not even joking. Please continue to be great.

Your admirer,

Adrian (the other white mexican)