Saturday, February 17, 2007

WELL this isn't a boy's only post, but it's at least an equal number of boys and girls. Next one, I promise!

I colored this rather slap-dash-edly in photoshop. But I made it small so you can't see all my screw ups. I'll fix all the boo boo's for portfolio time...UGH. 18th century clothing is SO cool...the shapes that people contort their bodies into for fashion are completely exaggerated and mostly wierd (that said, I should have exaggerated them a little more now that I look at it). But that goes for the whole history of fashion, I guess. More than anything I noticed that in the 18th century people look bored and slightly annoyed. I guess that was the "cool" look, opposed to todays 'cool' look of bored and slightly drugged. I guess I'd be intensely bored and annoyed if I had to stand still for one million hours to get my portrait painted, though.

Okay, it's not Valentine's Day anymore, I know. Whatever. Here's the card I made for Sean. I think it looks like him. He said I made him look like a fat cat. "You think I'm fat, don't you? I'm FAT aren't I?!" No! I don't ! I can't say that the ginger tabby looks a lot like me but that's what it's supposed to be. I've been told I'd be a siamese. Us as cats. Anthropophormism, away!


samacleod said...

I love both of em! That top one, the ruffles and the hands, and the...awesome!

Anonymous said...

Girlfriend you are blowing up!!! Freeeeeking Gorgeous work. It's all beautiful and has personality.

lorelay bove said...

That piece really turned out awesome!

Edward Juan said...

That's so sweet.. did sean like it? or did he give you like a one second attention span and then go off talking about filmmaking with someone else?

Adrian Molina said...

I like the rosie-cues on that fellow's shoes. Very classy.

I've got your Submarellas posted up in my cube to lend me inspiration. Although I think those belly folds are more distracting than anything else. :)

As always, keep it up!


HA HAAAA! That card is awsome! That is Sean!!! IT IS!! And I have seen you look at Sean like the other cat does. Rad Brigette.