Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sudden Changes!

You are probably noticing that something is different, huh? I redecorated my blog and added some stuff! And I have news, too. But first, a drawing, because that's what you come here for:

This is going to be the companion guy for the girl down there in the roses. I like to make pieces that are a set, like old decorative prints from the 60's (big-eyed and otherwise). When there's two of them it just really feels like something that's supposed to occupy a space, versus just one which can feel kinda lonely on a wall all by itself.

So if you look to your right, you'll see that I have a button that says "store" but it doesn't go anywhere. Don't worry, it just doesn't go anywhere yet. If all goes well I should be opening up a little store here on the internets early next week! So you'll be able to get nice prints of artwork, if you like. There's also a "portfolio" button, and even though I kind of find the idea of a portfolio/blog gross, it's really there for people who aren't familiar with my work or who stumble onto this blog for the first time or for quick reference if I don't have my portfolio on my person (which I never, ever do). This blog is good for a few reasons, like showing works in progress and talking about what I've been up to and blah blah whatever, but it doesn't exactly represent what I'm capable of doing art-wise. That said, it's an un-updated version of my portfolio from last year, so it's really not up to snuff. But it's still better than nothing!

Now, some news:

-I'm not working at Disney anymore.

-I'm going to Austria in June for 2 weeks.

-I've been making lots of personal work (like the stuff above) and I'm really happy about that.

So, yeah, everything would appear to be coming together in a lovely kind of way.

P.S., If you were formerly in my links and now you're not, don't feel bad! All the links got erased when I update the template so I'm still in the process of collecting them again.


victoriaying said...

Wow great news all around! Lovely drawing, have fun in Austria!

Muttley s. Weinerschnits said...

I love that wrinkle line on his shirt that helps give his body a three dimensional quality,, even though this is a 2 dimensional drawing!!!!So Awesome!!! All folly aside, this is a really great and appealing drawing and I can see the seeds of a strong idea brewing. I can't wait to see it all come to fruition. I hope your work invades the living spaces of very tasteful people everywhere, I really do.

IZA said...

Schweeeeet!! Your artwork (Especially the personal stuff apparently) Is simply Amazing, and I am always glad to see more of it :]

Amelia Lorenz said...

You have such beautiful drawings, as always!! Can't wait to shop in your store...hehe
And yes, I did get the (most amazing) postcard (that I've ever seen)!!!
That's a LOT OF CHEESE!!! Thanks so much! :D

Ivan Aguirre said...

I love the simplicity in your drawings and paintings. I also like your new default pic. Its a nice little drawing.

Jon Klassen said...

i like this sketch.
nice to meet you guys at DW the other day!

philip vose said...

so you aint work'n at disney no mo huh! well, can't wait to see the kind of work you produce without them hanging over you. and have lots of fun in austria! tell lomax and sean i said hello.

Unknown said...

You draw companions for your characters? I have to say, that's very considerate. My characters have adversaries at best. I'll make it a point to draw more companions :)

Paul Tuller said...

your new blog is beautiful!
Have lots and lots of fun in Australia !!