Wednesday, November 05, 2008

post ape + new in the shop + election!

First of all, here's a pic of my table at APE:

I'm all lurpy back there behind the tattooed lady. It was a refreshingly chilly and rainy in San Francisco this past weekend, and I liked that lots. Right after this picture was taken, I ran outside to get some soy lattes and change and returned as a big wet mess because it had started pouring on the way back. My coat smelled like a stinky wool sock and I looked like I had just hopped out of the shower. Gross. There are lots more pics on my flickr.

The table was very "Welcome to Grandma Brigette's House":

...but that's how I like it!

By the way, thanks all you blog followers who stopped by to say hello!

Other than getting soaked on the first day, the weekend was pretty much a success! I met a lot of really nice folks, and and I got to see people's reactions to my work up close. I must have distributed more than a hundred postcards and business cards over the weekend (I actually ran out of postcards by the second day). I bought something really excellent from Esther Pearl Watson, hung out with these guys, traded some artwork with my next-booth-over neighbor Ken, and met some fellow etsy shop ladies, including Tammy Stellanova. I'll show you all the goodies later.

I just added the following to the shop:

-the tattooed lady
-dog face man print
-mockingbird print
-family tree #3
-family house
-framed version of the sleepy pigeon print

There are also plenty of buttons left over that are also going to go into the shop as soon as I figure out a nice way of packaging them. I think I'm going to attach them to a little card or something, but I'm not sure if I want them in sets or separate. Ideas? Opinions??

I also had a dream about the election last night. In the dream, voting was all said and done and I had somehow missed it (I often have anxiety dreams were I'm late for something or another). The new president elect was none other than Shania Twain, the country singer. In my dream I was incredulous...I couldn't believe what was happening. I couldn't even recall Shania being in the running! I felt that surely this was a sign that the world as I knew it was coming to a close, and that we were all going to hell in a hand basket, and how could anything ever be more ridiculous than this??
Then I woke up, and was relieved to find that it was all just a stupid, stupid, stupid dream. How on earth did Shania Twain get all wrapped up in my subconscious, anyway? In any case, I voted, and I hope you did too! Today was, as they keep repeating on the radio, a big one in the history books.

Sorry there's so much chatter and no art stuff in this post. Before the week is through, I promise I'll have some new art stuff up. Promise!


lorelay bove said...

I like the cupcake stand with the postcards.


Edward Juan said...

oh cute!!!!!

btw, i'm glad you voted, but I think prop 8 passed. No gay and lesbians can get married in California. Unless the absentee ballots are all NO on prop 8 and got counted for.

Fabian said...

If The Terminator can then Shania Twain can!! I would vote for her... if i was in your country of curse.
Happy to know APE was a success. Hugs! :)

Brook said...

oh my gosh I LLLOOOVVVVEEE the tattooed lady!! so cool! I love all of your stuff! I am going to be selling in the Handmade brigade as well! Can't wait to see your booth.... I am a granny at heart as well... hahaha

Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Your table looks great.

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

Wow, your booth looks great! Love your art, too! :)

Cindey said...

you can definitely tell that your table was your table. You match with it and it's so cute! Do you have any hello coyote buttons left? I think I really really need one of those... hehe

Jenessa said...

Its nice to see all of your beautiful art all together!

Your table looks so cute!

roque said...

Hey Brigette!

It was nice meeting you at APE. I love my "Fall Wolf" print. I was telling all my friends to go to your table.

Look forward to buying more of your work!

Emmanuel Briand said...

your so cute !!! as usual you are ... desperatly talented i love your art ever and your glasses too

your heart is full of good things and great drawings ,keep up on that way !!!


see you,tokyobanana

victoriaying said...

Fantastic! Such a wonderful looking table!

na said...

i'm glad i discovered you at APE, you stuff is amazing!

Fulanita said...

Argh! I would've killed to be there!!!

flyabuv said...

Yes, I bought your two kitties print at APE. I love it because I have two black kitties named Beans and Rice! So glad I was introduced to your art, and now I can follow you on your blog as well. Thanks!

mario pitarch said...

Ihope you come to spain or europe i love your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!sorry for my english