Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the new buttons + christmas cartoons

Print versions of the Shangri-la paintings have been added to the shop! Later this week I'm planning on adding the remaining ornaments that I made for Unique, and the new buttons, too. Here's your button sneak peak:

Half are the same, but the other half are new. The tattooed lady and the coyote with his cup of tea seem to be the most popular...I know because they were at Unique with me last weekend too.

Okay! It's almost Christmas! I really want you to watch some seasonal entertainment! I'm an American, and I live in Southern California where there is almost no weather, and so I cannot really tell what time of year it is unless the TV is telling me. And that's nothing to be ashamed of, cause as a result I get all warm and fuzzy over YouTube, and that's a pleasant feeling. So here's my top picks, hand selected for your nostalgic viewing pleasure!

It actually doesn't really feel like Christmas if I don't watch this one. Something about watching all the toys march around, and the way the cozy house actually feels cozier than any house I have every been in... I really like this maniacally giggling version of Santa. So jolly!

You know how I feel about Donald. He's my favorite, and there's sooooo many good cartoony moments in this one. I especially like how the snow makes a raspberry sound when it lands on him at 3:32-ish. Yay!

I think they got EVERY Muppet and Sesame Street character into this special. Seriously.

I watch this every single year. My mom taped it off of TV when I was a kid, and until the VHS just plain wouldn't play anymore we watched it. Some of the clay puppets are pretty creepy, like the pigs, for instance. They're weird man/pig things. But the majority of it is pretty magical and Christmassy! I think my favorite bit is the California Raisins singing Rudolph. Yeah.

Of course, you should also watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and all the Rankin/Bass stuff you can get your hands on, but I just figured that goes without saying. Happy Holidays guys!


SHOo said...

Oh oh oh... that will be a set of those for me! Thanks Brigette for making awesome stuff!

Will S. said...

Donald's snow fight is one of my two favorite Donald shorts (the other is Duck Pimples). When Donald came out in that big coat I used to laugh my head off. I recently showed this to a theater full of fellow students and they ate it up.

Vi said...

"Hello Coyote!" Your pins are awesome.