Monday, September 07, 2009

Opening! This Saturday! Come out and play, Los Angeles folk!

I'm having a little opening at Occidental College this weekend! Saturday night!

+there will be cupcakes
+there will be drinks
+there will be me
+it is in a LIBRARY

How often to you get to hang out in a library and drink? I'm going to guess not that often. I'll have framed, signed, large versions of all those mythological creatures I've done lately for sale. Plus, the library at Occidental is really pretty! It's worth checking out. Even if you can't come on Saturday, you can go look at the stuff later: the show will be up aaaaaalll semester (until December).

The details:

where: Mary Norton Clapp Library, at Occidental College
when: 7pm - 10pm
why: eat cupcake, hang out in library with mythological creatures

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Daron Leah Nefcy said...

oooh, love the green lake floating lady!

Team Diana said...

Exciting. I will come if I can. I've been craving cupcakes.

dailycraft said...

I did some volunteer work at that library... we will try to make it out :)

Food and Drugs said...

Beautiful, oniric...

Hobo Divine said...

I wish I could go! :(

Lucy Hudec said...

the lady!!!....amazing:D