Monday, September 12, 2011

there is just one moon, and one golden sun

....and a smile means friendship to everyone!

This is my piece for the Gallery Nucleus It's a Small World show that opens this Saturday, September 17.  I made a diptych, which is fancy speak for "two paintings that are supposed to go together".  They're both about 10"x20" and acrylic on board.

I wanted it to capture the happy, peaceful, slightly psychedelic feeling that you get from the ride.  I have been on that ride (at Disneyland, and once at Tokyo Disneyland!) a lot of times.  Once, we got stuck inside in the same spot for about 15 minutes, which could easily be obnoxious, but there's so much amazing design to look at that it was actually nice.  Slightly hypnotic, but nice.

Messing with the colors was a lot of fun, and I actually indulged and bought new, non-bargain price paint for this project!  Well, I say "indulged" but most of my paint was pretty much dried up crust in a bottle and not usable.  Plus I've got more gallery shows coming up and I like to be prepared!...or try to be.

Classes at CalArts started today!  I'm teaching a class about making awesome portfolios (a class I wish had existed when I was there).  I'm slightly nervous, more because it's hard to get up in front of people and talk than anything else.  My first class is Friday, so I still have to time to prepare!  I'm going to practice my lecture on my dog.  We'll see how that goes.

Work work work!!


Gillibean said...

aw these are lovely! The top one is my favourite. Well done they remind me very much of the ride (although Ive only done the Paris one...Im guessing theyre much the same

Congrats on the class, I hope it all goes well. Maybe if its not against the school rules you can post some portfolio tips on here!

Daniel Woodling said...

Lovely! Great use of texture and shapes!

Brad said...

fantastic work! love the sun, and your colors are brilliant

Emily said...

Just beautiful. I can't stop looking at these. A fantastic tribute :)

Drake Brodahl (pumml) said...

Super gorgeous, Brigette! Love them both! Wish I could be at the opening.

Michaele Razi said...

Wonderful paintings!And good luck with your class! You'll do great!

Hobo Divine said...

Beautiful Brigette!

kelsey. said...

These are beautiful...and I love them. And I love the most general-stranger-non-stalkerish wasy possible. I swear! Maybe:)

Unknown said...

I like them a lot!