Wednesday, April 04, 2012

flower heads and cake ladies

I did these sketches for what was maybe going to be a stationary set, but it didn't pan out.  What a bummer.  I hate it when that happens.  

The idea was that they would be black line art on white paper, and they would come with a little watercolor set and you could color them yourself.  
As far as the designs go, I was just having fun, really.  They are marker and pencil,sketches and they're not the best drawings, but they give you a pretty good idea.  I probably would have fancied them up with a brush pen if they it had been a go.  Brush pens are fun things. 

Things I like: flowers, fancy ladies, beautiful desserts, and the 18th century fashion.  If you couldn't tell.  

And then there was this weirdo one withe the octopus hair thrown in.  

I like markers a lot, even though my marker technique (if there is such a thing in the case of markers) is pretty 'whatever'.  

Frustrating days lately, you guys.  Really stupidly tough!!  I can't seem to get any projects off the ground, for reasons that are utterly mystifying (to me at least).  I don't wanna bitch out on my blog, because that's sort of yucky, but then again why not?  It's part of the deal when you're an artist that depends on other folks/institutions to put your work out there.  Your s#*% gets rejected sometimes!  

Anyway.  On to the next!


rose-a-petits-pois said...

I love all of these, very quirky pretty fun designs !

Isabella said...

Bridgette! These are ADORABLE!! Ok-I'm an artist too-& just got a rejection note this morning for something I submitted this week. It SUCKS! I have an idea though-couldn't you offer these on your own-on etsy. Why not? They could be embroidery patterns, or pdf coloring sheets, so many possibilities. I for one love 18th century clothes, cake, flowers & fancy ladies. keep up the good work-and thanks for sharing. It helps to know you're not alone! xo-Heather

Author said...

Move onto the next thing (or submission)! One of my writing mentors always says he hopes that editors "Hurry up and reject my work so I can get it published." :)

Unknown said...

A match made in heaven haha

Christen E. Krumm said...

Oh I wish I wish you were making stationary! I need some cool stationary! :) And your art is my favorite!!

Christen Krumm

Unknown said...

Waaaaaaaaah I love the lady with the big hat and the lady with octopus hair! SO CUTE!

Unknown said...

great sketches!

sylvï said...

love the weirdo one, kinda see myself in her... the pink hair that looks like a carnation is also fascinating. these ladies are giving me tattoo ideas (and i do not need any - too many unrequited ones already!)

Unknown said...

These are awesome!