Monday, April 20, 2009


Hey, it's Monday! Here's a painting!

It's to big to fit in the scanner. The little chunk that did fit in there didn't even scan right. Blargh!

Because my horrible disappointment of a camera is pretty much a paperweight now, I had to steal Sean's iphone to take these pics (while he was sleeping! in the middle of the night! sneaky!).

Pink and mauve trees.

Also, my work space is now a total hole. Yuck! But it's gonna be that way for a while still. More later...


Kim Caro said...

wow that is huge!

Christian Robinson said...

Very Lovely painting miss soon to be mrs. I think you channel Audrey's Spirit, you're all pretty, kind and elegant n stuff.
Don't you just love that Gap ad that swiped a scene of Audrey from "Funny Face"
or have you ever seen these random Japanese tea ads that use clips of her movies?

Unknown said...

ha! that's such a sweet lil (and by lil i mean huge, of course) painting!

your blog (and art) is super cute. :)

Marjorie said...

Really great!

justdoodleit said...

Very graceful like the actual Audrey herself!

Food and Drugs said...

She has a lot of glamour even for an egg (plus an egg that size!).
It must be a quite serious problem of ergonomics to paint some areas of the egg.
It's a nice proyect, but I think it's not for me. ;-)
My backbone, you know!

Hobo Divine said...

I like it
very very
It reminds me of a moment from Sabrina. Looking on at the party.
Keep Keepin-On Brigette Brigade!


Jeremy Bernstein said...

I love looking at people's studio spaces! Awesome mess. And great paintings! Oh and congrats... I heard you're having a little one! Mazel tov!

brigette b said...

When an infectious facebook gossip makes it to your blog, you know it's gone too far. TOO FAR, Joe Pitt!

Emmanuel Briand said...

i was so worry about my own mess , but i feel a lot better , bye and as usual you 're so great brigette , see you !

Anonymous said...

so glamorously adorable.

Ivan Aguirre said...

Great Painting. Love the graphic Quality and th colors. Audrey was a beautiful Lady. Very cool messy studio too. It has character.

david kow said...

so lovely painting!! your audrey is so adorable.